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Choose Postcard Mailing Target

Customize a template online.

Use your own design or start with one of our templates and select your color theme. Next you’ll be able to edit the text on the card, upload your logo, image and more. With just a few clicks you will have a gorgeous postcard design that is ready to print and mail!

Customize a Real Estate Postcard Template Online

Choose who you want to target.

You can upload your own list of prospects that you want to target, or choose from a variety of options to target new prospects. Choose the geographical area you want to target by zip code or radius around an address and then choose from 30+ demographic selections including home value, presence of children, age, income and more.

Send Your Real Estate Postcards!

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Once you’ve selected your targeted prospects and customized your template, you now just click send and your postcards are printed and mailed within 48 hours!

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